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Rice is the most important food crop with regard to the nutrition.

Rice is a staple food not only in various parts of India but the world as well. India is the leading exporter of the Rice to the global markets.

Rice is an important commodity which is being exported to different countries. We export various grades of Basmati and Non-Basmati Rice.

Basmati Rice


Basmati Rice is a variety of long, slender-grained aromatic rice which is traditionally grown in India.

We offer various grades of Basmati Rice as:-


• 1121 Steam Basmati Rice
• 1121 Raw Basmati Rice
• 1121 White Parboiled (Sella) Basmati Rice
• 1121 Golden Parboiled (Sella) Basmati Rice


• 1509 Steam Basmati Rice
• 1509 Raw Basmati Rice
• 1509 White Parboiled ( Sella ) Basmati Rice
• 1509 Golden Parboiled ( Sella ) Basmati Rice


Pusa 1401:
• Pusa 1401 Steam Basmati Rice
• Pusa 1401 Raw Basmati Rice
• Pusa 1401 White Parboiled ( Sella ) Basmati Rice
• Pusa 1401 Golden Parboiled ( Sella ) Basmati Rice


• Sugandha Steam Basmati Rice
• Sugandha White Parboiled ( Sella ) Basmati Rice
• Sugandha Golden Parboiled ( Sella ) Basmati Rice



Non-Basmati Rice

Non-Basmati Rice comes in all kind of different shapes and sizes. Some are long slender, some are short and thick, some are like beads, and some may be round. None have the same characteristics as basmati rice.

We offer various grades of Non-Basmati Rice:


PR 11/14:
• PR 11/14 Steam Non-Basmati Rice
• PR 11/14 Raw Non-Basmati Rice
• PR 11/14 White Parboiled (Sella) Non-Basmati Rice
• PR 11/14 Golden Parboiled (Sella) Non-Basmati Rice


• Sharbati Steam Non-Basmati Rice
• Sharbati White Parboiled (sella) Non-Basmati Rice
• Sharbati Golden Parboiled (sella) Non-Basmati Rice


IR 64:
• IR 64 Raw Non-Basmati Rice
• IR 64 Parboiled Non-Basmati Rice


• Parmal Raw Non-Basmati Rice
• Parmal Steam Non-Basmati Rice
• Parmal Parboiled Non-Basmati Rice
• Parmal Golden Parboiled Non-Basmati Rice


Sona Masoori:
• Sona Masoori Raw Non-Basmati Rice
• Sona Masoori Steam Non-Basmati Rice


Rice Grit

• Rice Grits (101, 108)

• Applications:- Bakery mixes, Extruded snacks, Extenders, or Coaters and Breading on Pizzas, Burger, Muffins, etc.


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