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Maize / Corn

Maize is the world’s leading crop and it is widely cultivated. It is widely processed into various types of products such as cornmeal, grits, starch, flour, snacks, and breakfast cereals.

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Maize (001, 002, 003, 004) Main uses are Cornflakes, “AREPAS” which is used for making “Tortillas” or a sort of porridge, Direct cooking and consumption (known as same in southern Africa). These are used as a brewing adjunct and in malted beverages.

It is used as raw material for extruded snacks and to make finer corn meal. Also this grade of Crushed Maize is used as Chick Feed.


Corn Grit

Corn Grit (101, 108) The applications of this ranges from ready to eat cereals to brewing adjuncts and from snacks raw material to foods dressers including traditional Indian namkeens, biscuits, pizza and bakery applications.

Gram Grit

Available in Coarse, Medium, Fine Ground. It is used in making sweets, Extruded Snack food.



Fine Semolina (Rawa)
Coarse Semolina (Suji).

These are used in Extruded Snacks.


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